skinny?! beauty or horror?

In many peoples mind it became a trend to alwyas try looking perfectly thin like the topmodels we always see on Instagram. But until which level is it beauty and when does it start to get dangerous? Most people don´t try to lose weight with doing sport and healthy food. They just start to eat less and somewhen this changes into eating nothing. What do you think about that trend?

2 Replies to “skinny?! beauty or horror?”

  1. Hello, what kind of healthy sport do you think of? I don´t know any sport you can do to become as thin as it´s required from model agencies. So are you saying, It´s impossible to do your dream job if it´s being a model?

  2. I believe that if the people start to eat nothing it could be that others think that this is beauty and also start to eat less. This could be really dangerous, because when the people don’t eat something they don’t have enough energy and there will be a higher risk to get ill quickly.

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