Healthy cooking in different countries

Hey, my name is Julia and I´m from Germany.

My country isn´t known for low-fat, healthy food but I think heathy food isn´t all about its calories.

In so many magazines you can read about how to cook with as little calories as possible. But after having cooked a couple of them I started asking myself whether I really need that.
The problem is, I have cooked a lot of trash by trying to make myself a healthy lunch.
That is why I´d like to ask you for some healthy recepies from your region 😉
It´s also possible that you don´t believe, healthy food is about calories but about it´s taste – like I do.

Anyway… What is your opinion?
Which recepies do you like?

skinny?! beauty or horror?

In many peoples mind it became a trend to alwyas try looking perfectly thin like the topmodels we always see on Instagram. But until which level is it beauty and when does it start to get dangerous? Most people don´t try to lose weight with doing sport and healthy food. They just start to eat less and somewhen this changes into eating nothing. What do you think about that trend?