Body positivity and body shaming

Body positivity and body shaming are subjects, which are not talked about enough.

The main thing about body positivity is, that everybody should be treated with respect and everybody is valuable no matter their size. It doesn’t matter if you are really skinny or over weight, you are still beautiful and important. A lot of times people assume that body positivity is encouraging people to be unhealthy, which is not the point. The point is that no matter your size you should be treated the same as everybody else.

Even though it should go like that it doesn’t. Lot of people have experienced body shaming in their lives. Body shaming is too common and normalized for some reason and it happens all the time. Usually people say that it was a joke or they didn’t really mean what they said, but they don’t realize that it hurts just as much, even if it’s a joke or not.

For example when people say stuff like “Omg you are really skinny do you ever eat?”, “It looks like your legs are going to break if you jump because they are so thin.” Or “Are you sure that you should eat all that?” “You should eat a salad or go for a run”. Comments like these hurt. People who say those things don’t even realize how bad it hurts and what it does to your mental health. You don’t know about their bodies or what they are going through, so why do you need to say anything at all?

A lot of times people don’t realize that everybody loses and gains weight differently and genetics play a big part in your weight. It’s not all that black and white, that you are fat if you eat too much and you are skinny is you don’t eat enough. All people and all bodies are different.

The worst case scenario is that, that little comment you made about their weight could lead to an eating disorder and very low self-esteem. If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone do not say anything at all. Everybody is beautiful.

How I moved in covid-19

It goes without saying that I move differently than before covid-19. Firstly I started going for walks more often because I wanted to be alone and be somehere where it was quiet. Secondly i started playing basketball and football with my brothers. It was fun to do more things with my siblings. In the spring and summer I didn’t have volleyball practice and in the end of the summer my volleyball team ended. Then I started going walks more often. I think I started moving less than before covid-19 started. When school started mw and my little brothers started doing 100 abs a day and few other things but we did it for a few days and then forgot to do them because of it I started moving more and my physical condition got better. In distance learning I did all the PE exercises and I tried a few of them later again. In my opinion covid-19 changed a lot how I moveI

My sport and covid

Needless to say that covid has changed our lives lot. These days we must consider our doing because we want our normal everyday life back as soon as possible.

Covid has also affected my life and hobbies. I play ringette and I also like to go to the gym. Last spring when covid came to Finland, ringette ended and we weren’t allowed to train together. On top of that we couldn’t train together as a team, we didn’t get to play in CSM, wich I had been waiting for all season.

Not only ringette ended, but also school ended, which meant that there was no PE anymore. In addition I couldn’t see my friends. When it comes to my friends and not being able to hang out with them, I felt really lonely sometimes. On the other hand I was more with my family. We trained together at the gym and at home, made good food and watched movies together. 

Even though ringette and other hobbies paused , some gyms were still open. I think one reason behind this is that we still wanted people to have some place where they can exercise and keep themselves refreshed.

Even though my ringette training was paused, my physical shape didn’t get worse. In fact in my opinion it got better. I loved training by myself and with my family as long as it lasted.

Another point worth pointing out is my mental health and social skills. Like I already mentioned I have felt lonely but in addition my social skills got worse because I wasn’t in contact with other people so much.

On the whole covid has affected our lives differently depending on what is included to our everyday life. From my point of view it has ended hobbies a couple of times and it has affected negatively to my social skills. 

But this is the way we can get back to normal and we have to live by it. It is important that we take care of each other and remember sometimes to ask each other what’s up. Stay safe!

-ninth grader from Lieto

How covid-19 effected my life as a dancer

Many dance studios have been shut down due to the corona virus. Therefore some of the dance classes moved to online classes and now I have to dance in my room and follow the lesson on my phone.

Because of this situation, I got a bigger room and a huge mirror so I can dance all day every day. I also got a better speaker. This has led me to the point that I have learned to dance almost better and faster than I have in the dance studio in these past three years.

Although it’s nice to be able to dance whenever I want to, I still miss seeing my dance friends and teachers. It’s not the same learning a coreography from your phone than your dance teachers in real life.

In my opinion we could dance at the studio all ready. We danced about two meters away from each other anyways before the covid-19. We could just use masks, even though it’s harder to breathe.

In conclusion covid-19 has brought me lots of good things as a dancer. But there are also some bad things. Despite all this I have grown as a person and as a dancer.

How COVID-19 affected me

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has affected all of us. To start with, I have started to struggle more with my mental health. I have more anxiety and stress than ever especially since middle school is about to end. One reason for my anxiety and stress is that I have started to procrastinate more. Self-discipline is important during these times. I cope with my mental health by finding things that I like such as doing sports, drawing or reading. I’ve been reading a lot more lately because it helps me escape this world even if it’s just for a little while. Currently I’m reading the Shatter me-series.

We had distance learning which was hard. During distance learning it was hard to focus and stay motivated. I didn’t leave my home almost at all for months. Sometimes we had too much schoolwork to do that I had to do them for hours. Sometimes I had to do schoolwork until it was 9-10pm. Teams classes made me anxious. On the other hand I was able to save over an hour which would’ve been used getting ready and sitting on a bus. I was able to sleep more and my sleep quality was a lot better. I kind of felt like like I wasn’t learning anything though.

My summer plans were cancelled last year. I was supposed to go to an amusement park in Helsinki with two of my brothers. I ended up lying in my bed binge-watching Netflix. However I did start going for daily walks and doing home workouts. I also got really motivated in learning different languages.

From my point of view, this has been a good experiment but I really wish things would go back to normal as soon as possible.

My thoughts on Covid-19

Nowadays there is a worldwide pandemic caused by Covid-19 virus. Covid-19 has been the most talked about topic for almost a year now.

Due to Covid-19 we’ve had restrictions in school and soccer/futsal practice. It really sucked that we couldn’t play in the Finnish futsal championship because it got cancelled due to the restrictions. In addition we had to stop practice for for a couple months. Our coach gave us exercises to do at home for the duration of the break. Finally our whole school moved to distance learning. It was fine at first but after a while it became pretty boring and it was hard to concentrate on studying.

I can’t really think of anything good caused by Covid-19. It’s just a virus that is there to stress us out and to limit our lives.

To sum it up, Covid-19 really sucks and i hope it ends soon.

Healthy eating – Finland

Some eighth graders in Liedon Keskuskoulu studied healthy eating and Finnish nutrition recommendations during their English lessons. Here you can see some pictures of the posters they made.

Below you can also see a list of some typical Finnish food.

Hungarian healthy Christmas food

Halászlé (Fisherman’s Soup): Another
quintessential part of the Hungarian culinary art. It is a river fish broth,
which is typically intensely seasoned with paprika and several other piquant
herbs. Traditionally this soup is cooked outside, over a fire, for several
hours. That instantly brings out the intensity of the flavors. The fish, its
main ingredient, is always locally sourced from the Danube or Tisza.

Hungarian healthy meals

Paprikás Csirke (Chicken Paprikash): From its name one can already guess that the most important element of all is, of course, paprika. One of the most recognizable dishes of the Hungarian gastronomic feast is blend of a creamy, spicy sauce with a soft fresh chicken. Traditionally served with so-called nokedli (dumplings).



  • onion
  • paprika
  • tomato / ketchup
  • chicken breast 40 dkg
  • salt
  • pepper
  • ground pepper
  • Red Gold
  • red wine

Chop the onion, then fry it on a small flame until it turns white, then sprinkle with ground pepper on the flame. Meanwhile, we cut the chicken breast and add it to the onion, then we mix it. Add water, about 3-4 dl, and add the other ingredients. So the chopped tomatoes, peppers, salt, pepper and red gold. Once the ingredients are mixed well, add any red wine you like. Cook for at least 1.5 / 2 hours from the source and then serve with dumpling.

Nokedli (Dumplings): This particular side dish has a dumpling-like texture to it, however, it is considered to be noodles. Some genius has come up with its recipe to accompany stews and meats.



  • Eggs 1/2 pc
  • flour 40 dkg
  • water 3dl
  • salt

Put the flour, salt and eggs in a bowl and salt to taste. Stir them, then tear them into the boiled water and let them cook until the pieces come to the top of the water.