Hungarian healthy Christmas food

Halászlé (Fisherman’s Soup): Another quintessential part of the Hungarian culinary art. It is a river fish broth, which is typically intensely seasoned with paprika and several other piquant herbs. Traditionally this soup is cooked outside, over a fire, for several hours. That instantly brings out the intensity of the flavors. The fish, its main ingredient, is always locally sourced from the Danube or Tisza.

Hungarian healthy meals

Paprikás Csirke (Chicken Paprikash): From its name one can already guess that the most important element of all is, of course, paprika. One of the most recognizable dishes of the Hungarian gastronomic feast is blend of a creamy, spicy sauce with a soft fresh chicken. Traditionally served with so-called nokedli (dumplings).



  • onion
  • paprika
  • tomato / ketchup
  • chicken breast 40 dkg
  • salt
  • pepper
  • ground pepper
  • Red Gold
  • red wine

Chop the onion, then fry it on a small flame until it turns white, then sprinkle with ground pepper on the flame. Meanwhile, we cut the chicken breast and add it to the onion, then we mix it. Add water, about 3-4 dl, and add the other ingredients. So the chopped tomatoes, peppers, salt, pepper and red gold. Once the ingredients are mixed well, add any red wine you like. Cook for at least 1.5 / 2 hours from the source and then serve with dumpling.

Nokedli (Dumplings): This particular side dish has a dumpling-like texture to it, however, it is considered to be noodles. Some genius has come up with its recipe to accompany stews and meats.



  • Eggs 1/2 pc
  • flour 40 dkg
  • water 3dl
  • salt

Put the flour, salt and eggs in a bowl and salt to taste. Stir them, then tear them into the boiled water and let them cook until the pieces come to the top of the water.