Our week in the Erasmus programme

First of all we travelled from Györ to Wien hbf. Our travel was very good and comfortable. After Wien we went to Erfurt. When we arrived we went to a tipical German train which was bring us to Suhl where our host family waiting for us.

 We arrived to our host home very late because our journey was very long and tiring. In the evening we introduce ourself to our host family which was very interesting and funny because some of us parents didn`t speak English but they tried.

On the next morning we went to school with our partner and they showed us their school which was amazing and a tipical German school which look like an university. After the sightseeing we introduced ourself to the rest of the exchange student. And we went to a little sightseeing which was about Schleusingen and this town history. And this Tuesday we went to Julia`s home where we had a lot of fun and we spent a great time.

In the third day morning we went to the school and worked on the computer we did an question sheet after this we didn’t do anything important but in the afternoon we went to local sport centrum where we did exercises and sports. in the evening we went to the local bowling centre which was really cool and exciting.

In the 4th day we went to the school again after the school the whole team went to Coburg by a coach. we had a sightseeing in the castle which was incredibelly beautiful. When we finished it we went back to the city and we had a little free time for shopping or eating.

In the last day we didn’t go to the school we straightly went to the trainstation by bus. From Suhl we went to Würsburg where we had a little argument with the passengers but we can discussed it. After we went to Wien where we had a little free time which was great because we could reast a little bit. From Wien we travelled to Komárom where our family waiting for us.

In total we had a great time with the garman students but it was so short, 4 days isn’t enough for build friends. This is the only expection what we don’t like but the other half fo the programme was really exciting and instructive.