Student exchange in Schleusingen

We are chosen to be members of Erasmus project. To the project also belongs ten students from Germany and five from Hungary. This time the Hungarians and us, the Finns, went to Germany. In spring five other Finns and Germans will visit Hungary. This article is written by Finns. 

Our trip from Finland started on Monday. We flew from Turku to Helsinki at 6.15 am and then to Frankfurt. We landed to Frankfurt at 9.30 and we had lots of time to spend in Frankfurt and still missed the train (not our fault tho!). We were able to leave Frankfurt at 13.45. The train did not make it to Suhl so trains had to be changed in Erfurt. We made our way successful to Suhl.  

Our host-families picked us up in Suhl at 17.30 and took us to their homes. That evening we just ate and made ourselves comfortable. Next morning we had to wake up early. We weren’t used to wake up before six because we need our beauty sleep. We still made it to school on time! Hooray!  

On Tuesday we had a tour around the school and we were taught how to use HP Reveal. With our partner we chose a movement which we wanted to make instructions of. After theory we walked about 10 minutes to gym to take videos of the movement. We also played some games together. We made our way back to the school and ate lunch.  

After lunch we had a “cityralley” in Schleusingen. There was questions which we had to find answers for. The whole thing based on coordinates.   

On Wednesday we woke up too early again and in school we worked with the project. We also had two lessons during the day, biology and physics related to exercise and sport injuries. We used this application called Grafstat and analyzed statistics.  

After school we went to the bowling center with bus. We bowled for about two hours and we had a lot of fun. In our opinion we got to know each other much better.  

On Thursday we went to Cobourg. Cobourg was a very beautiful town. There were lots of beautiful old houses and great views. We walked from the bus stop to Cobourg Castle which was big and great looking. We got a private tour around the castle. We learned about castles history and saw some old glassware, paintings and weapons.  

When we came back from Cobourg all finnish students and their hostsisters came to Lilly. We played some funny games and ate some traditional German food. 

On Friday we went to our hosts first lessons. We saw something about studying in Germany (we’re very happy about living in Finland).  We had to leave right after that. We took our private taxi and drove to Suhl train station. 

We landed to Turku airport at around midnight.  

We all find the trip truly excellent. We met new people and got to know them pretty well. We had such a nice time in German and we all are so grateful that we got this opportunity to get involved to this trip and the whole Erasmus project.