My sport and covid

Needless to say that covid has changed our lives lot. These days we must consider our doing because we want our normal everyday life back as soon as possible.

Covid has also affected my life and hobbies. I play ringette and I also like to go to the gym. Last spring when covid came to Finland, ringette ended and we weren’t allowed to train together. On top of that we couldn’t train together as a team, we didn’t get to play in CSM, wich I had been waiting for all season.

Not only ringette ended, but also school ended, which meant that there was no PE anymore. In addition I couldn’t see my friends. When it comes to my friends and not being able to hang out with them, I felt really lonely sometimes. On the other hand I was more with my family. We trained together at the gym and at home, made good food and watched movies together. 

Even though ringette and other hobbies paused , some gyms were still open. I think one reason behind this is that we still wanted people to have some place where they can exercise and keep themselves refreshed.

Even though my ringette training was paused, my physical shape didn’t get worse. In fact in my opinion it got better. I loved training by myself and with my family as long as it lasted.

Another point worth pointing out is my mental health and social skills. Like I already mentioned I have felt lonely but in addition my social skills got worse because I wasn’t in contact with other people so much.

On the whole covid has affected our lives differently depending on what is included to our everyday life. From my point of view it has ended hobbies a couple of times and it has affected negatively to my social skills. 

But this is the way we can get back to normal and we have to live by it. It is important that we take care of each other and remember sometimes to ask each other what’s up. Stay safe!

-ninth grader from Lieto