How COVID-19 affected me

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has affected all of us. To start with, I have started to struggle more with my mental health. I have more anxiety and stress than ever especially since middle school is about to end. One reason for my anxiety and stress is that I have started to procrastinate more. Self-discipline is important during these times. I cope with my mental health by finding things that I like such as doing sports, drawing or reading. I’ve been reading a lot more lately because it helps me escape this world even if it’s just for a little while. Currently I’m reading the Shatter me-series.

We had distance learning which was hard. During distance learning it was hard to focus and stay motivated. I didn’t leave my home almost at all for months. Sometimes we had too much schoolwork to do that I had to do them for hours. Sometimes I had to do schoolwork until it was 9-10pm. Teams classes made me anxious. On the other hand I was able to save over an hour which would’ve been used getting ready and sitting on a bus. I was able to sleep more and my sleep quality was a lot better. I kind of felt like like I wasn’t learning anything though.

My summer plans were cancelled last year. I was supposed to go to an amusement park in Helsinki with two of my brothers. I ended up lying in my bed binge-watching Netflix. However I did start going for daily walks and doing home workouts. I also got really motivated in learning different languages.

From my point of view, this has been a good experiment but I really wish things would go back to normal as soon as possible.