How covid-19 effected my life as a dancer

Many dance studios have been shut down due to the corona virus. Therefore some of the dance classes moved to online classes and now I have to dance in my room and follow the lesson on my phone.

Because of this situation, I got a bigger room and a huge mirror so I can dance all day every day. I also got a better speaker. This has led me to the point that I have learned to dance almost better and faster than I have in the dance studio in these past three years.

Although it’s nice to be able to dance whenever I want to, I still miss seeing my dance friends and teachers. It’s not the same learning a coreography from your phone than your dance teachers in real life.

In my opinion we could dance at the studio all ready. We danced about two meters away from each other anyways before the covid-19. We could just use masks, even though it’s harder to breathe.

In conclusion covid-19 has brought me lots of good things as a dancer. But there are also some bad things. Despite all this I have grown as a person and as a dancer.